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Memorial Plaques


It’s a sad time when we lose our beloved dog, that loyal companion we brought into our family. We know we can’t bring them back, but maybe there’s a way we can preserve the memories we had together over the years. For that reason, the Strathroy-Caradoc Dog Owners Association has created a memorial garden under the evergreen trees in our Dog Park.

We invite you to consider placing a plaque in our garden to provide closure on your loss, yet extend the fond memories of the furry personality that brought so much joy into your live. It’s not an expensive proposition. Here are the details:

We’ve selected appropriately sized flagstones from a local landscaper. (Somewhere between letter and legal sized paper) We’ve arranged with a local graphic artist and dog lover to "print" loving words of your choice with some simple graphics and a picture, and render the whole thing as durable as possible so it will last for years to come. The finished plaque will be as unique as your dog was. Then you can choose where in the garden you want to place the plaque. We’ll help you settle it in place so all our Park users can share this revered space with the community love and respect for which we are known.

All this can be accomplished for a minimum donation of $40

towards building and maintaining a better Dog Park.

Here is an example of a memorial plaque. Although many communities across Canada and around the world offer similar opportunities, this will be a unique experience for you.

The plaque will contain two lines of text, your dog's name and dates, a picture of your dog which you will provide, and a simple graphic design.


For more information and to answer any questions you might have, please contact our Executive Board by email at scdoa@hotmail.com . Whereas the Park is governed by our Department of Parks and Recreation, it is run entirely by volunteer dog lovers. Thank you for your consideration as we continue to provide ways to add value to our community through responsible and caring dog ownership.


What would you like written on the plaque? Remember to email the pic to scdoa@hotmail.com

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