We now have TWO Sutera dog waste disposal units installed at the park.We invested in the program using the money originally earmarked for the large pavilion. That pavilion was actually donated. You will notice that other Sutera units around town will have  signage stating that our association is part of the program. We were excited to have the first one but quickly discovered that it was not enough. The program is managed by the Parks & Rec Department which installed a second one this week (Oct 3). That suggests....well more than suggests... that park users are pitching in at  an unprecedented rate. Not many people would be proud of the poop they collect, but we are. When you read all about Sutera you will notice the capacity on the units.  That's a lot of poop and we filled the first one in under three weeks! No doubt the town will be installing even more units at various parks.Sutera turns dog poop into electricity. 

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We support responsible dog ownership.and we are overjoyed that you support us in turn.